Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Morning Latte

The milky froth on my morning latte was so stiff that the stirrer could stand in it. I really enjoyed this particulaer cup as it was enjoyed in 'Baresso' after a morning swim.
Coffee is an essential drink and regarding the poster in 'Baresso' coffee replaced beer as the most populaer morning drink in New York City in 1668.... I don't think it's quite right, but an interesting discussion.
Great start of a sunny Thursday.

Saturday, April 19, 2008


The spoon is one of the first tools we know of and it is therefore interesting to explore its functionality and the preconceptions of the iconic spoon.
The six dessertspoons, all designed with the same leaf, but with handles that vary from straight to various grades of bent, are challenging the functionality of the spoon and plays with the question of when a spoon is a spoon and when it becomes a non-functional object. To my joy, a lot of people have found it intriguing to eat with the most bent spoon. (Photo: Dorte Krogh)

Friday, April 18, 2008

Tretårnet sølv

Tretårnet sølv, meaning silver of three towers, is the title of these spoons. The three towers has for a long period been the hallmark of Copenhagen assay office, used to guarentee the content of silver was 830 ppm. Silverplate was hallmarked with two towers only. With theese spoons there is a free choice, two or three towers? Of course the towers are nicked from the 'skyline' of Copenhagen. From left: Børsen, The townhall and Nicolai church.
(photo: Camilla Hey)

Here I am!

My first post on the blog has to be something intelligent.... ehhhh....Well....the reason for blogging is the fact that I have a great passion for spoons, some would call it a fetish, but I just see it as an obsession.

Hope to entertain you with my work and my comments.