Monday, June 10, 2013

Admirably, old and wise.

Looking back at the past week, I seem to have spend most evenings with wise elderly men that I admire.
Firstly I had the pleasure of experiencing the Indian philosopher and writer Swami Parthasarathy who visited Copenhagen and gave an introduction to his ideas and his view upon life. The 86 years old guru encouraged us to develop our intellect, to be giving and thoughtfull  and challenged our way of living. He explained how concentration, consistency and cooperation was the keywords to becoming succesfull and 
Secondly I had the pleasure of dining with my father on his first day out of hospital in 5 weeks, a nice evening that we all enjoyed. He has just had major surgery done and is still hospitalized but were allowed a trip out into the real world. I was more than delighted to make his favorite food and very happy to have an afternoon with him under more relaxed circumstances.
Thirdly I spend last night at a concert with my all time favorite band; The Pet Shop Boys. Two men aged 50+ with a weakness for things that say 'ding' and 'blip' and a really large selection of strange hats.
In retrospect I feel very fortunate to be in such good company.