Monday, September 26, 2011

World economics and my hammer

In the middle of a worldwide economic crisis some might say that it is absolutely not the right time to open a new shop presenting luxury goods. Oh well, I'll be happily naive and go ahead anyway, because I actually believe it is a perfect time.
A wise colleague of mine often say that 'There is always a need for skilled people'. I keep playing that mantra on my internal player while I keep calm and believe that it's the right thing to do. 

I am a craftsman and designer and therefore I can create objects with my hands and I posses the skills of innovation and creativity much valued for the future of f.ex. the Danish production industry. 

I can take a piece of material, use my hammer on it and create some value or I can draw a design on my computer, 3d print it, make it a prototype and thereby take the first step towards a larger production.
I know that it's a drop in the ocean and that I sound a bit like some famous egg-selling lady, but I just love that my metier is so simple that I, by combining new technologies with traditional manufacturing techniques, creativity and good old craftsmanship, can create something valuable out of a piece of raw material.