Monday, August 6, 2012


I would be delighted to see you at the opening of the exhibition 'Spån'. The private view will be held August 23th from 4 to 7 p.m. in my shop in Møntergade.

The spoon is just a simple tool that does not make much fuss, but spoons have a very special place in my heart and with this exhibition I will try to share that passion with you. 
The spoon is lovable because of its friendly and feminine nature, with its round leaf as a head and its long shank as a body it resembles a small person.
The spoon represents, for example, the regular everyday life and have always done it, it is an object we all handle on a daily basis and even put in our mouths. 
The spoon is the first tool we learn to handle and thus it is the spoon that separates humans from animals, as we have learned the good manners so we can consume our food in a civilized manner. To elevate the spoon to be a symbol of the culture we have created is perhaps going a little too far, but through my work I want to put more focus on this little creature being placed above the plate and signals that there will be something sweet after the main course.

As an opposition to the use-and throw-away culture, I want to create unique objects that speak to the senses and generates joy through daily use. My spoons are made ​​by hand and must be experienced by hands: therefore I have called the show 'Spån'. Spån is Danish for chip and refers of course to the manufacturing process and in addition, the English word 'Spoon' is a derivation of the word 'spån'.

The exhibition is a part of the Sct. Loye event arranged by the Guild of Jewellers in Copenhagen. A list of the other exhibitions can be seen here.