Sunday, March 31, 2013

Duck love

Snowdrop necklaces from 975.-
The ducks have started doing naughty things in the lake outside my windows at home today. I live in the furthest part of Copenhagen, out where the city is extended with old cardboard boxes and where the windchill factor always is in two digits. People that don't live or have their daily life in Ørestad, a reasonably new part of Copenhagen, normally describe the place as a windy urban concrete landscape without any soul whatsoever, lacking of culture and other urban pleasures.
They are very wrong; we might not have the extended caffe-latte-culture out here, but we certainly had a lot of dating couples today, as mother nature loosened up a bit, giving us hope of spring to arrive soon. The couples dating was mallards; a duck recognized on the males beautiful green head, found in pairs all over the common wild life speed dating. 
Oh joy! That means that the snowdrops are revealed from under the melting snow and we can look forward to little ducklings in the lake, strawberries and long scandinavian summer nights. 
Winter is soooo last season.