Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Long Spoons

The world of the new millennium is on 'fast forward'. The multi media culture offers a huge number of entertainment possibilities, an extreme amount of visual influence and a six-lane information highway and owing to a highly developed mobile technology and fast Internet access, everybody is 'online' and 'in touch' wherever they go. As an intelligible reaction towards this bombardment of information and the increasing demand of personal availability, people tend to turn their homes into safe shelters; a tendency recognised as 'cocooning'. Time to oneself has become a luxury, and soft values such as intimacy, veracity and authenticity is highly esteemed within the domestic space.
In the field of foods and drinks, I find that cocooning is recognised in the increasing interest in comfort foods and drinks. One of the most well known is the hot drink 'Café Latte', a milk based coffee drink, but also 'chai latte', 'frappuchino' and various fruit smoothies are popular comfort drinks. Common to these drinks is that they, due to their size, often are served in tall glasses where the long spoon comes in handy. The spoon is mainly used for stirring, but also for enjoying the milk froth or even just as a decorative accessory. This tendency of enjoying comfort drinks within the domestic environment, alone or most likely with a partner or close friend, was the rationale for designing a long silver spoon.
(photo: Dorte Krogh)