Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Sometimes I make something other than spoons.
MuMu-Land is an exclusive jewelry collection that consists of a series of unique and stylish shapes in silver and gold, which together constitute an imaginative universe that offers much more than just jewelry.
MuMu-Land has many recognizable references to our lives, and the name was inspired by ‘Mu’ or ‘Lemuria’ which according to the myths are a missing civilization in which people lived in peace with each other.
My idea behind the creation of MuMu-Land was to examine how little to be added to a simple geometric shape so that it becomes recognizable and have character. A snout and a pair of ears is enough for us to recognize rabbit, dog, cat or any other lovable animals that the jewelry collection consists of. MuMu-Land is for both children and adults and the figures are made in many different designs and sizes. At the moment there are ten different characters but the universe expands and entirely new products are soon to come.
The exclusive jewelry in MuMu-Land series is manufactured in Denmark and is stamped with the applicable rules and of course contains no allergenic metals. "The stylish and thoughtful design, and in particular the quality of the finished product has always been the most important thing for me. The pieces are cast in pure sterling silver and 18 carat gold and finally processed by hand. Some designs are made only in limited editions, some even only in one copy, so you must check the website regularly.

See more on www.mumu-land.d